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The Hiding Place is a non-profit 501 (c)(3) residential facility in Towson, Maryland. The home assists young women facing crisis pregnancy, domestic violence, substance abuse, or homelessness. Founded by Bishop Bart Pierce in 1985, The Hiding Place has assisted over 1,000 young ladies. Over 900 babies have been born to young ladies residing at the home. Our goal is to provide a positive environment where women facing adverse circumstances are loved, encouraged, and equipped to move towards personal stability and self-sufficiency. The Hiding Place provides women with access to community resources, educational support, job-skills training, employment resources, and parenting support.

Buds to Roses Program: Phase I

First Trimester

During the initial months that a young woman begins her journey at the Hiding Place, she will learn to improve her self-image, develop positive habits, and learn useful domestic skills. Each woman will also develop a “Life Plan” that gives a personal account of her dreams and goals. The Life Plan includes written details for how she will accomplish her goals and remain accountable during the process.

Buds to Roses Program: Phase II

Second Trimester

During the second phase of the program, the young women begin researching and pursuing educational and career opportunities with the support of the Hiding Place Director, Home Advocates & Partner Organizations.

Buds to Roses Program: Phase III

Third Trimester

During the final phase of the program, women receive support with securing employment and housing. 

Program Completion

Upon completion of the Buds to Roses Program, the young women are honored with a graduation ceremony. At the ceremony, the women receive a certificate of completion and a special “Buds to Roses” necklace to serve as a reminder of their successful accomplishment.